Week 1 : D.A.: Redux

It takes me a lot to get committed.  To anything,  That is one of my faults, if I think I can reliably back out of something without reprocussions, I probably would.

When I think back to the sheer amount of material I produced during the first year of Dueling Ametures, I am a little stunned.  Essays, poems,  journalistic musings and gumbo recepies poured out of me like a cosmic font.  I want to get back to that. I want writing regularly to be a bigger part of my life.  This is why I agreed when my friend Jason once again came to me with another ultimatum: a second year of Dueling Amatures, with a different format.

This time the posts will be relegated to once a week – of course the material I will be producing will be, of my own volition, more polished and focused.  I have trepidation to use the word ‘essays’ – but I will.

Writing during the first year of DA was an incredibly rewarding experience.  I travelled half way across the world, learned new skills, got beat up by russian goons and found a formula for Korean bone soup.  I step into this commitment stronger, smarter, and with more hunger to grow.  This is the first step.

P.S.  I am writing this out of home, with less than 30 minutes until the first deadline has passed – and I did it.  There are many mispelled words.


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