Day 351 – Darning

I just learned how to darn a sock hole – just about the coolest skill I think I’ve ever learned (or at least the most practical)

Darning is used to path up a hole in a sock using a technique of crisscrossing yarn (there is special yarn for this).


1) A sock with a hole in it

2) A lightbulb (or a fancy “darning mushroom”)

3) Yarn (either darning thread, or regular yarn will do as long as you have scotch tape)

4) A needle (with a large eye)

5) Rubber band

Begin by stretching the sock hole over the lightbulb and fastening it with the rubber band.  This will keep the fabric tight and ensure you don’t shrink the sock with the stitching.  Thread the yarn into the needle – if the yarn is too thick to go through, fold a piece of scotch tape over the tip, and cut off the excess.  Push the tape fold through the needle eye. (I personally came up with this tactic – and feel quite good about myself for doing so!)

Begin to stitch across the hole making parallel straight stitches making sure to not make them too close together, when you get to the end, turn the hole 90 degrees and start sticking perpendicular to your former stitches, weaving over and under each stitch.

You should be making a crosshatch pattern as the threads crisscross.  When you reach the end of the whole a second time, knott it off and you are done!


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