Day 341- Martial Arts Report 2: Taekwondo

My abs are killing me.

A few weeks ago, while waiting for car repairs, I had a Kerouacian jaunt through a series of mini-malls and happened upon a Taekwondo studio (Jung Ko Taekwondo, at young and steeles).  Immediately I knew I had to take a class there, and quickly wrote down the pertinent information.

I just took a class there and it went amazingly.

Initially, I was hesitant because of the radical age gaps throughout the class (there were a few 12 year old girls, along with people in their teens, 20s and 30s).  But I quickly realized most of the activities involved kicking and punching into pads and dummies, as well as movements practice.

The facility was amazing, and we dove right into the cool stuff, big kicks!  I worked with a female veteran of the practice and she congratulated me on my ambition to try some of the more advance kicks she was demonstrating.

Unfortunately the prices are pretty astronomical, but the first class was absolutely free – and what better price could you ask for for such a great experience?


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