Day 335 – King of Moisture

I have really bad dry skin – and it gets particularly bad in the winter.  Both of my jobs have
me washing my hands frequently, and quite often I’m left with a pair of knurled, bleeding disfigured claws after a few hard days work.

I’ve learned to cope, under the pretense that no particular moisturiser “works”.  I had dismissed them all for hokum, after going through about 30 brands, each with a bevy of convincing buzzwords like “skin-therapy” “intense moisture” “rejuvinating medical pro strength” etc etc.  Most of the time I just walked around with 2-5 bandaids all over my fingers and knuckles where the cracking was the worst.

This stuff has changed that.


I make no hyperbole when I say this makes all other brands of hand-cream look like elmer’s glue.

This stuff feels like dunking your hands into a vat of stem cells.  It’s surreal.  The stuff feels like Noxzema, but evaporates into your skin like water – leaving a sensation like “normal” skin.  Not dry-skin-that-has-been-doused-with-cream, but natural skin that produces its own oil.

Never before have I been so thoroughly convinced of a product’s effectiveness so quickly.  My hands were back to normal in *four seconds* after application.  And the product itself says it takes “days” to work.  ha.

If you have dry skin, use nothing else.  They sell it at Canadian Tire.  No they didn’t pay me; it’s that good.


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