Day 314 – The Beauty of Homemade

I’m not a card guy. In fact, most of my family (and some of my friends) knows my stance on any type of holiday greeting card.

I hate them.

I think they’re shallow, expensive simulacrums of real communication or feelings – and while I don’t mind getting them (honestly who would be upset at receiving a gift?) – I rarely get anyone a card along with a gift.

Except for this year.

This Christmas- while I couldn’t actually attend the party (I had another one to go to), I decided to make my very own Christmas cards. I used small oval cutouts of the fancy print on the front of a couple of identical cards – cut out the derivative, sappy text already there, and substituted a bit of my own.

I used a caligraphy pen to write a few things I liked about each member of my family and what they mean to me. It could not have gone over any better. What I heard was that each member of my family took the time to read their card out loud for everyone, while they were unwrapping presents.

Goes to show how superior home made sentiment is.


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