Day 309 – Gene: Cyclebreaker

This is a small thought, but there have been a few people in my life who have wowed me with a very particular and identifiable behavior.

Some of the people I know who have been hurt as children, through family woes, or just troubling times – have turned around and said to themselves quite lucidly.

“When I grow up, I’m NOT going to do that to my kids / the people around me.”

How contrary is this kind of behavior to so many families in the world; drunk violent fathers who raise drunk violent sons. Racists begetting racists. Nearly every social malady can be attributed to a hierarchical cycle of pain and ignorance.

But not for these people. These certain individuals were able, almost miraculously, to wake up from this conditioning, and start something different.

There has been great research invested in the idea of a genetic basis of psychopathy. Having specific markers would make you much more liable to become a psychopath.

I wonder if there is a Cyclebreaker Gene as well.


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