Day 300 – Go


This game is cool.

So there have been many times in my life where I’ve decided to pick up a habit or hobby “just like that”.  Violin, Arabic, Throatsinging, Billiards, Calligraphy; my infatuation with each came from a bizarre mix of measured analysis and kindled passion.  Once chosen, I’ve dived right into a variety of out-there pastimes and intriguing skillsets in the never-ending quest to make myself more interesting and serviceable to my fellow creatures.

“Go” is now one of them.

For the unenlightened, Go is a game of territory control played on a grid with black and white stones.  It’s both older and more complex than chess,  and is entwined with the philosophical and military thought of East Asia.  Known anciently as one of the Four Arts of the Chinese scholar (along with Calligraphy, Painting, and Music) Go is now played internationally, and some of the top competitors are treated like rockstars in their own countries.

I’ve played a few games and I love it.  It’s the perfect blend of simplicity of form, and intellectual stimulation.  The kind of game that can communicate a message about the world around us (if perhaps played across Lao Tzu)  Thanks to the internet I’ve played a few games online and I’m getting rather good (for a complete novice).  This is going to be “my” boardgame.


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