Day 285 – Disrupting Negative Patters (A Jukebox Metaphor)

I encountered this concept in a Tony Robbins book called ‘Awaken the Giant Within’.  I’m going to paraphrase this strategy/concept, because I think it’s something we all can use.

Envision your habitual mind as an automatic jukebox, and all your habits, memories, and postures of thought as the records inside.  The jukebox is always running, it never stops playing songs.  You either punch in the songs you want to hear manually, or it switches to automatic and starts playing the most popular playlist.  The records inside aren’t ordinary either; The grooves are strengthened from use and the song gets clearer and louder each time you play it.

Some records, therefore, are MUCH louder and MUCH clearer than others.  However the volume and clarity of the record has little bearing on what songs you like most, only the frequency of play matters.  For instance, the old classic “feel embarrassed about ripping your pants in highschool gymclass” ,  probably sounds like a rocket taking off by now.  And maybe the new hit “plan your spare time”  is so shriveled and underplayed that it barely comes out as a whisper.

The moment you take your hand off the jukebox to attend to something else, it automatically switches to the most popular song – whether or not you actually like to hear it.  If the song is enjoyable or useful, then there’s no trouble, but if it’s a song you hate, you have to do two things.

The first thing is find another song and put in the work to manually ask for it over and over again.  This means you have to stick by your jukebox-mind.  Not letting it switch to automatic, but instead punching in the desired effect repeatedly, until you’ve finally elevated it to a “top song”.  Each time you ask for it, the record gets clearer and louder, until finally it’s at a higher quality, and a higher popularity than the song you didn’t want.

The second thing to do is *change* the way the bad record sounds.  Reach into that jukebox and scratch up the grooves! (I’m going to step out of the metaphor for a moment here.  Use your imagination to change you habitual sense-memories.  Got yelled at by the boss and can’t stop thinking of it?  Use your imagination to play the memory backwards and forwards, or in a different language with subtitles – or turn his head into a wheel of cheese!).  It takes time but start drawing different grooves over the original ones, be creative.  Disrupt and distort that undesired pattern so much that it becomes barely recognizable.

With these two hot tips, whenever you leave your jukebox alone, you can be sure that the things you hear coming out of it are the things you want to hear.


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