Day 277 – The Wobble-Board (PRE-habilitation)

One of the benefits of my gym being the subject of a corporate takeover is an entirely new focus of fitness while keeping the essentials. What I mean by this is that the basic floors scheme has remained the same (multiple squat racks, benches, gratuitous freeweights etc), while additions have been made that fall under the purview of rehabilliatory fitness.

One of them being a wobble-board.



I wont beat around the bush, I’m totally addicted to this thing, especially when I started reading about the benifits as well as wobble boards being a common go-to strengthening technique for novice basketball and hockey players with weak foot-stability muscles.

To top it off, it’s damn fun. After 10 minutes I was getting balance times of 6-8 seconds, and my feet were killing me. Sadly, the thing is like 100 bucks so I’m relegated to hogging it in the gym, at least for the time being.

On a final note, I heard the term thrown around while researching this: pre-habilitation. The term is self evident; repetitive techniques used to PREVENT injury rather than recover from it. Like doing lunges before that nasty ACL tear!


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