Day 272 – The Pullup

I’ve been fitness-minded for many years of my life, and While I have achieved much, and altered myself radically, there have always remained a few benchmark fitness goals I’ve wanted to achieve.

Initially these were simple; do one pushup, run 1 kilometer. As my prowess increased, my goals extended beyond simple physical competency.

I wanted to be able to bench press 45lbs plates, to deadlift and eventually squat my bodyweight on the bar, to jog without a shirt on; all of these I have accomplished.

This morning I achieved another one of my goals – I did a full ROM pullup with no assistance.

I did cardio this morning and, hopping off the treadmill, I thought to myself “Ok, lets give this a shot.”

I’ve struggled for weeks with pullups. I’ve always been heavy and even now at a normal body composition for my height I’m still pretty huge. What I realized is that I had always been training for pullups at the very end of my workouts – meaning I was exhausted and couldn’t assess my strength.

Well, I did it! A complete, full-range-of-motion pullup – arms extended all the way to the top. It was funny, as I brought my head over the bar, my eyes were so near the ceiling I got a great view of my gym’s floor-to-ceiling windows and was treated to a beautiful view of a snowy forest. My reward.


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