Day 263 – Mission Statement Affirmation: Redux

One of my goals for november is to complete my mission statement/affirmation and polish it to the point where I am comfortable reciting it to myself daily.

There’s been a period of expansion in it’s length, including as much as I can from various sources – compliments I have received from others, authors, experiences. Now I seem to be cutting it down and really honing it word for word.

One of the chief emotions I want to engender in my life is Gratitude. In my experience I’ve found that, rather than fighting fear in any way, or getting angry at your own fear – realizing that fear cannot live where you are grateful. It’s like fire and water.

I’ve been experimenting with series of words that make me feel deep gratitude, without going into a checklist of things that could be taken away. My statement has gotten simpler and simpler – I think I might be almost there:



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