Day 251 – F.C.N.s – The Productivity Secret Weapon

I’ve come across a vital technique that, once honed, will help your achievement in just about any field, your overall mental health, and enjoyment of life.

That technique is the Full Comittment Nap

There are a few facets to mastering this concept.  The idea of the nap (at least coming from the people I know and my culture) seems to be like the picic – a quaint concept, attractive, but unfeasable when it comes down to the mechanics of daily living.  Perhaps  a few brave souls attempted it once or twice.  but it  just seemed so foreign and bizzare that they were unable to really “get into it”.

A good nap requires comittment.  It’s counterintuitive to think that such a benign and inert passtime such as sleeping would require any effort, but perhaps you recall a moment in your life when you were “too tired to go to bed” and just kept browsing the internet…

Comitt to a nap by setting an alarm clock, darkening your room, turning off your screens, and getting in the exact same position you would usually do when you go to bed. (i.e.  “napping” does not mean lying ontop of your blankets with your eyes closed while your smartphone buzzes in your hand)   Try lying down with the full intention that you WILL fall asleep, and quickly, for 20 mintes – and see where it takes you!



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