Day 236 – A Hard Day; A Good Day

I worked 1 & 1/2 days this week, and while that doesn’t sound like much, I made several hundred dollars with some very intense work.

On Friday I subbed an afternoon health class, which was very touch. It took me to the limit of my capabilities. More & more I’m realizing the Truth that our memories are choices; recreated scenes. What meaning is gleaned from events is from Will, or unthinking mechanisms. Truth be told, there were many “good” and “bad” emotions I felt that day, and I suppose I get to choose which ones I will remember, so here it goes:

– Students awed, enraptured, and curious at my extensive knowledge of nutrients.
– The class applauding me – they enjoyed my being there so much that they applauded.
– A tall student; whom I thought to be a class clown, shaking my hand as the class left.
– That feeling of accomplishment at that end of every class.
– A student from grade 2 saying I was the best supply teacher they ever had.
– Students helping me make calls to the office with haste and concern.
– The Principal thanking me for my efforts.

This is the past. This is my memory – my focus. Remember these memories, real as any other, and with this chocie I extract the meaning that I decide.


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