Day 226 – Avoid “The Phrooph”

There’s an interesting behavioral trend that seems to affect all city-goers. I see strangers do it. I see my coworkers do it. Sometimes my friends and family even do it. It’s omniscient, undetected. An autonomic (and useless) response to stress, like a yawn is to sleepiness. I call it “The Phrooph”, and much like after one researches ‘Baader Meinhof phenomenon’, after reading this, you will see it everywhere.

The Phrooph begins within an already-irregular, shallow and choppy breathing pattern. It is most likely a direct autonomic response to the a wandering mind.

It usually begins with a slow inhalation from the nose, the cheeks puff out slightly, and a steady stream of air is squeezed out of tight or puckered lips, giving an appearance of the entire diaphragmatic cavity withering and deflating like a punctured balloon. An outbreath weakly extended sounding like a big PHROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPH

I have never seen a positive phrooph, it always comes from a place of overwhelm, fed-up’edness, or mild despair.

Now I’m big on posture and mood, and I’m an ever bigger stickler for healthy, positive breathing patterns, and I give this advice to you for the sake of improving the quality of life.

DON’T PHROOPH! Your breath should not be abused to make a point to your subconscious. Keep your breathing deep, free, and rhythmical.


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