Day 225 – Michael D. Gershon Wrote a Book that Sucks.

Today I read “The Second Brain: The Scientific Basis of Gut Instinct”

Then I put it down after 45 minutes cause it was a sucky pile of garbage.

Where to start here? This book gives nothing it presumes to offer. I expected (and I feel it is a modest one) an examination of a conclusive paradigm regarding the neurolobiology of the gut as a “Second Brain”. A gripping, perhaps practical analysis of “gut instinct”, how it arises, and how it can be harnessed.

What I got is something that reads like a freshman textbook had sex with an autobiography.

The book is inert. It starts about 4 chapters behind where it should, with a bone-dry historical depiction of gut science as it progressed through the scientific age, peppered with unfunny, sardonic jokes and bland, terribly dated, pop’ish non sequiturs. He oscillates between enshrining The Scientist (his own profession) as the central demi-god of human goodness with near-masterbatory reverence, while simultaneously raking colleagues’ intellectual paradigms over the coals and airing out other people’s dirty laundry. Expecting to be fascinated by the power of the gut, and receiving a morose list of maladies just feels like a slap in the fact.

It’s snarky, self serving, and tedious.

Plus he calls T.S. Eliot a “sexist pig” for cheap laughs. Ironic or not, get bent, Gershon. You’ll never be Norman Doidge.


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