Day 225 – Microterm goals

So if you’re anything like me (and I know I am), you often feel daunted by a large block of time in which to perform tasks.

You have 5 hours, lets say. And you have to get several things done. Using a list to manage your time would help, or prioritizing goals. Either long term goals – investing some time and energy into something that will benefit you in the future, or short term goals – getting something done today, or even in the next few hours. However I recently found another strategy more suitable to summoning initiative and getting off your butt to begin a thing (even if that thing is just a list of other things)

I call these microterm goals

The gist is this: a microterm goal is a tiny goal you set for yourself within the next several seconds. I’ve discovered this helps immensely getting over that initial trepidation of beginning a project. Think of it as breaking up a large task into small ones, only a bit more extreme. For example.

“I have to write the essay this weekend.” – This is your long term goal.

“I have to organize my notes this afternoon.” This is your short term goal.

“In the next 30 seconds I’m putting my binder on my desk and opening it.” – This is the microterm goal.

The beauty of this is that there is zero pressure. The task remains so simple and benign that accomplishing it is easy – and because you still made a contract with yourself (i.e. doing something you said you would), you brain still feels a sense of reward.

Try it out!


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