Day 222 – Meditations on Fasting

I want Sunday to be my fast day. Partially because I intend to burn fat like a m—fer, and as I’m discovering, boons to my well-being and quality of life.

I stopped eating on Friday at 5:30pm. This is a 24 hour fast with no modifications. This is about the 5th or 6th time I’ve ever fasted in my life, and the results are surprising.

I stopped getting seriously hungry after about 10 hours. What I notice deep into my not-eating adventure is just how…clear I feel. I have a clarity of mind that I rarely experience throughout the week. It’s bizarre. Also, the way I’m breathing is different. My breathing is slower, deeper. More conscious. My sensory acuity is higher and I have a strangely high amount of energy and confidence. I was doing some tasks that involved walking around my town. I came in the door with milk and immediately left again to inquire about lane swimming at my local pool.

Fasting apparently has incredible health benefits for the organic brain, but overall I’m more impressed with the benefit is has on the mind.


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