Day 219

Here are four small strategies that make your grooming experience easier.

1) Roll down your toothpaste tube as it gets used up, and use a bulldog clip on the rolled up end. I’ve saved about 20 liters of toothpaste from this method that would have been thrown in the garbage.

2) For face washing – get a tube of facial cleanser in which the bottle can “stand up” on its own, and ends in a flat seam (cylinders work OK, but most squeeze bottle face cleaners look like this anyway). Cut a small square of wash cloth the size of your palm, and drape it over the bottle. Now you have a mini wash cloth that you can easily wet, which fully dries by itself (hung over the bottle) and it small enough to stay by your sink.

3) Instead of shaving cream, use some cheapo hair conditioner. It’s smoother than most foams, sticks to your face better, and is about 1/5th of the price.

4) If you have an electric toothbrush, cut a few sections of paper towel, and put one square underneath where the brush heads drain into, and another one underneath the carriage. This makes cleaning the toothbrush MUCH easier as it catches all the ‘gunk’, and you only have to wipe it off and replace the paper towel squares.


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