Day 209 – I’m getting a sixpack

After bulking through the summer (lol), making great strength gains and putting on a decent amount of weight. I’m going to start dialing back the calories to burn some bodyfat.

In the past, I’ve been way lighter than I am now, but my lean body mass was also much lower (i.e. I had less muscle / a slower metabolism) – this resulted in me looking “skinnyfat” which is a low weight, but high bodyfat percentage and low definition. Most times when I start training seriously or meal planning, I encounter peculiar resistance, specifically when I’m burning fat. And ESPECIALLY whenever I even mention abs.

That’s too extreme.

You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.

Don’t get too vain.

Waste of time, is that what you really want?

That’s kind of sexist.

I try not to talk about fitness and nutrition too much. I admit I will talk someone’s ear off on the subject. Perhaps I should just keep my goals to myself, and let the results speak for themselves. But after a lot of thought, flip flopping, soul searching, and research, I realized something.

I want a f*cking sixpack, and I’m getting one.

I’ve been hypnotized too long into believing I am satisfied with average results and average effort. I’ve been convinced by people that I don’t actually want what I want. I’m sick of hearing about how I am going to be unsatisfied with what I’m after, that it’s wasted effort sculpting my physique. I’m tired of defending the desire that I have to be lean, that it’s somehow a “false goal” downloaded into my brain from advertising companies.

It’s like these dingbats never saw a greek statue before.

I’ve had this goal since I was a chubby 16 year old. Now it’s 10 year later and I have the tools, the determination, and the resources. And I’m so close! Frankly, I think I would be doing a disservice to myself if I didn’t at least try.


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