Day 206 – High-Quality Entertainment

After completing a few tasks for the day (including a long jog through a secluded bike path hedged by a symphony of crickets before dawn) I decided to play some Silent Hill 2.

This is a decades-old masterpiece from the PS2 era, and one I’ve never played before. I’m on a console kick and after dusting off my 360 I’m now checking out the PS2 library.

So, modern gaming is fraught with hand-holding, de-intellectualizing gameplay and puzzles and basically making everything easier and more skinner-box’y. Not so with SH2. It’s a deep, tension building psychological horror game with some of the greatest use of visual metaphor I’ve ever seen.

In any case, there was a moment where I was travelling down an elevator, and I heard a deranged radio host rattle off a series of questions, the answers for which would result in a cachee of ammo.

You had to remember all three questions, their order, the right answer, and the corresponding number of the correct answer from a multiple choice. The clues were all in memos, letters, and street names you passed during the first few hours of the game.

I said to myself “I’m not going to check the internet for this one, I want to solve it on my own.” I really thought about it and started sleuthing, and ended up coming out with the correct answer! So much more satisfying than 10 seconds on Google, and so worth it.


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