Day 202 – Actually Work, or Actually Relax

There is a pervasive state of mind among people where they will put off working, but not actually relax.

This ususally equates to an anxious, purgatorial state of constant obsessing over task to come, never unwinding or enjoying their relaxation activity (which probably involves the internet in a useless way) and generally feeling terrible.

I’m here to say that people must take their relaxation and recouperation time seriously, and not use the idea of refreshment as a catch-all phrase that just means “not doing what I’m supposed to”

When you are truly relaxing, you are focused on the task at hand (yes, I said task).  Well spent leisure time can be fulfilling in its own right, especially if you’ve planned for it.

You need both extremes.  Hard work, and tranquil, rejuvinating rest (even if that rest is achieved through a complex leisure activity like playing an instrument or painting).  Don’t go for some bland mix of both where you are getting all the fatigue of work, but none of the creation.



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