Day 198 – C-C-C-C-COMBO!!!

This just hit me this morning as I was (and still am) having a radically productive day.

Struggling and overcoming weaknesses gives you power to struggle and overcome even more.  So, if I recollect my energy and get something done, I have now increased my potential to do more in the future.  Momentum.

I just realized how easy it is for me to think of this in Videogame terms.  In most games, if you do a series of succesfull moves in a row, you start to accumulate points or abilities, or damage that begins to increase exponentially.  However, if you mess up in between, or don’t link the moves together, the counter gets reset and you have to work towards that combo again.

So, with this in mind, I started to Combo my tasks.  Instead of taking 5-10 minute computer breaks between every task (which usually turn into 20-40 minutes)  I’ve thought to myself “how long can I keep this combo going?  How high can I get this skill multiplyer?”



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