Day 195 – Lessons Learned

Today I screwed up by being a no-show to an event that was months in the making.

You see, a friend of mine was stopping over in Toronto from overseas, and we had all planned to have dinner before his next flight left.

Unfortunately, the very first time I saw the date of the event, I misread it. For weeks I confidently planned around this wrong-date until I finally had put an event right on top of it.

You can imagine my horror when, half way across the city I get a call from a buddy of mine asking where I was.

Lesson learned check and re-check dates of events.

However, this got me to thinking; are there any other lessons I’ve learned which I can share with you today? To avoid going into a plethora of vapid adages, I am only including lessons that I have directly learned through making a big (or medium sized) mistake.

Never clean a toilet with your mp3 player in your breast pocket.

If there’s blood in your pee, talk to someone. It will not get better by itself.

Sometimes, being with someone is worth a missed night of sleep.

Parties/gatherings are not miracle zones that magically elevate your mood. You must work at having fun.

Forgive, and actually forget.


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