Day 193 – Not all stress is created Equal.

Nassim Taleb coined the term, “Post Traumatic Growth.”

I like this. I see stress as cholesterol. There is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ stress.

Malcom Gladwell, when discussing the training of bodyguards, talks about “stress inoculation”,
whereby trainees are taught to harness their adrenaline rush and get to what is dubbed “peak adrenal arousal”

This is the moment when you are in a high-positive (alert, but relaxed), but before the body releases too
much adrenaline/cortisol and your brain starts to shut down. (i.e. you enter hysterics/’freak out’ – this is
neuroanatomically parallel to your mind functioning at a dog’s level)

Think of it as being a Drunken Master of emergencies. You have just enough flip-out chemicals surging in your blood to start doing backflips, not freak-outs.

The body needs a bit of stress, and with the right mental posture, it becomes growth-promoting.


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