Day 190 – Videogames YEAUGH!

I just completed a videogame achievement that I started 5 years ago.

The game is the original Dead Rising for the Xbox 360. I loved that game when it came out and I still do.
I’ve poured hundred of hours into hit. I know every nook and cranny of the zombie infested mall in which the story is set. Every strategy, every weapon, every hiding place and shortcut.

I recently dug my console out of the closet on a complete lark and started playing. What I realized is that I had 48/50 achievements achieved. The last two – the ones I swore I’d never attempt, involve surviving in said zombie mall for 7 consecutive days, with an ever-dwindling health bar, in constant need to do battle with survivors and psychopaths for sustenance.

Game time is compressed, but the feat equates to 14 hours of consecutive, real-time gameplay

This was an undertaking. I began by voiding the warranty on my Xbox by cracking it open and dusting the motherboard. I didn’t want it to catch fire during the marathon.

I had a spare monitor set up with a strategy guide and comprehensive maps of key locations. I prepped food, entertainment (a great deal of the time spent would be waiting in a safe area consuming food items while my health was as it’s lowest)

And I did it! To be honest, I thought I would have this empty, paradise-lost feeling at the end of it, like “look at all this time I wasted..”



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