Day 189 – My Book

I’m writing a book, and I am beginning to work on it in earnest.

Here is my workflow.

I have now jerry-rigged a standing desk in my office, which amounts to putting my chair onto my desk which brings a surface to optimum height to protect my wrists. I like to write standing up.

I have an ipad with a mechanical keyboard, and I’m going to write the whole thing on Google Docs. I was discussing this with a friend of mine, who didn’t think it was insane as I did. Additionally, I can pull copies from the web and throw them on a physical hard drive for safekeeping.

Not writing on my big room computer is ideal, because all the extra desk space will be perfect for my paper notes, the problems that will arise will be that I have to maintain an internet connection to type directly onto Google docs, and a bit of input lag. As well, I wont be able to straight-up type in the middle of a forest, as I had invisioned.


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