Day 173 – What I’ve Learned

Being in Australia I’ve tried to keep an open mind, and not just drift through time and space like a tourist.  I’ve been through a myriad experiences, here are a few things I’ve learned.

– It’s not about distance.  You can be half way across the world and feel at home, and you can be in your house, and still look for home.

– I need to be more creative, in an industrious sense.  I need to make stuff.  To do otherwise would be a disgrace to my bloodline.

– You can teach yourself any language if you learn/speak every day.

– It takes energy to have fun.  Being grumpy is free.

– Sometimes doing what you want is also doing what scares you.

– Creature comforts have their place, but no matter what you must lift heavy-ass weights.

– Hand-writing letters from abroad is far more satisfying than I would think.

– “We’re not supposed to be here” can be a great adventure-starting sentence.


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