Day 167

I thought about this exercise while thinking about how people get into and keep relationships.  Try and find the best quality you’ve seen in all of your friends, the quality you wish you had in yourself.  Here are some of mine.  I’ve kept them anonymous to keep my friends guessing.

1) He’s never afraid to act goofy, never too reserved to participate in silliness and have a good laugh.

2) Is capable of withholding rash actions and unsure statements fueled by emotional reactivity with incredible self-control.  He once described it to me as having a king’s court in his mind, with various envoys of emotion/reaction asking permission to be accepted.

3) The incredible ability to be at once working hard, but having fun at the same time.

4)  Motivating people to plunge headlong into the realm of actualizing, and not dwelling in the no-man’s land of pipe-dreams and “if only”s.  Getting things done and getting past just talking about it.

5)  Intuitively knowing peoples real intentions/desires and helping them realize it themselves.

6)  The ability to start something new and keep looking for what he really wants.  Not “just settling” for a path because it’s easy/safe.  Courageousness in trying new things and inspiring people through the merit of a life well lived.


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