Day 161 – At the Zoo & More driving

Today in my Adventures in Australia, I went to a local animal conservation area and was witness to a bunch of local wildlife.  Some were fuzzy, and some were quite lethal.  I saw a Cassowary, a violent, two-legged bird a bit small than an Emu, with raptor-like claws capable of ripping a person’s guts out – behind a cage of course.

I also saw the feeding of a near 3 meter long crocodile.  It was sort of bizarre, because of course it was a commercial zoo and there were children and families laughing and having fun, but I couldn’t help but feel unease watching this million years-old evolutionary killer slink under the water like a nuclear sub.  One thing you never realize watching crocs on TV is the sound they make – utter silence, except for when they strike. The sound of their jaws clamping shut like a bone guillotine is so powerful that it resounds with with a low boom.

We drove home taking the scenic route.  On a whim, Dave, my uncle by marriage on my fathers side, decided to let me drive the rest of the way home.  It was quite incredible, this was the second time I had ever driven on the left side of the road; I am quickly growing accustomed. 


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