Day 157 – A Few Things Different

Here is a list of a few things that are different in Australia.  In no particular order.

– Every AC outlet has a switch on it, just like Canadian power bars.  You can turn off every outlet if you want.

– There is no upper limit to hot water on the taps.  Cranking it to full hot means you are basically getting boiling water.

– They don’t use that second sheet of paper to wrap their subway sandwiches.  There are also multiple cheese types to choose from.

– Milk in coffee is a rarity, resigned to foreigners.

– The money is gigantic!  I mean wallet-splittingly huge.  Their coin denomination goes: 5, 10, 20, 50, $1, $2.  The 50 cent coins are as big as your thumb and feel like 100 grams.  The $2 coins are about the size of pennies.

– There is a big market for savory breakfast cereals, like sour cream and onion Special K, and honey barbeque.

– Because everyone drives on the left here, this influences pedestrian traffic flow as well.  Everyone passes each other on the left and if you try to walk on the right side of the street, prepare for a lot of awkward swerving and bumping into eachother.

– Shawarmas are called Kebabs, and Kebabs are also called Kebabs.

– There are no lights for crosswalks.  Instead, there are painted strips on the street with signage designating a pedestrian through-way, which you basically walk across at any time and expect the traffic to stop.

– You can drink in public here.  As a result, there are “alcohol-free zones”, which don’t refer to the sale of alcohol, but simply it’s consumption as you are walking down the street.

– Chicken yolk is orange here, not yellow.




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