Day 149 – A mirror you don’t look at.

I’ve been building a sanctuary in my house. The reading room/office that was formerly the bedroom of my Sister who moved out years ago. It has a desk that faces an open window, a Chinese lantern that bathes the room in a deep red glow in lieu of the usual obnoxious blank incandescent lights. I’ve made a dedicated meditation niche so no more rolling out carpets every morning.

The other day I installed a series of mirror tiles on the side-wall of the windowsill facing west. It reflects a lot of sunlight into the room and changes the whole dynamic of brightness. However, I did not realize the accidental genius of this placement.

You cannot look at the mirror for your reflection at any point in the room. You have to crane your neck and put your cheek up against the glass just to see yourself. I love this. The mirror of this room only has one function, that is to bring light in. It will not even accidentally show you your own reflection.


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