Day 148 – A good food thing and a bad food thing

Today I learned two food facts that are both horrifying and hopeful.

So, in low-quality hotdogs (read: all hotdogs) and a lot of highly-processed
meats, there is a molecule called sodium nitrate. This chemical, I discovered
through a pubmed article, is neuro-disruptive, and in large quantities can
cause memory dysfunction and even increase the chance of alzheimers. Scary stuff.

Here is the article. The wording is actually used; “sodium nitrate induced memory impairment”. Yikes.

In the very same experiment, the active ingredients of a plant called Syrian Rue (peganum harmala) was shown to have a neuroprotective effect, reducing the harm that the nitrates have on your central nervous system.

This was doubly interesting as I already knew syrian rue through my researches into incense types (syrian rue being one of the oldest in human history)

Now, consider the effects of taking syrian rue WITHOUT eating all those hotdogs!


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