Day 147

I found a new discovery with my ipad.  I’ve been looking for new methods of dream journaling, as writing long hand it exhaustive when you are in a state of just-waking-up and you need to record a great deal of information.  I have in the past kept a dream journal, a pen-and-paper one, but more often then not it is full of sloppily written entries scribed in a pseudo-dream state, or transcribed from earlier notes.

I have also tried having a digital one, but this has also proven difficult.  Either I am transcribing notes to typed, which is extra work, or I am attempting to get up in the middle of the night or early in the morning to directly type my dreams, which usually erases everything as dream-recall is almost completely eliminated when you start to move your body.

So back to this tablet – it seems to strike a perfect mix between ease-of-access and recording method.  I can keep it by my bed and, unlike my laptop, it boots up in seconds directly to a word processor.  I can then begin to record information in a much quicker manner, and in a state where I can add to it or modify it without getting a new sheet of paper.

This may be the impetus I need for getting back into lucid dreaming.




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