Day 144 – The Greatest Normal Day of My life

Today was one of, if not the greatest ‘normal’ day of my life.

I woke up, and danced a little bit.  Then I ate breakfast and went to the gym.  I walked home still in my gym clothes and took a shower, and shaved.  Then I had a really successful meditation.

A good friend came over and we played videogames and joked and laughed.  Half way through the day, we went for a swim.  The heater was broken, so the pool was nice and cold, and we had the whole place to ourselves.

We went back inside and I found out that a neighbor of mine, a sweet old lady, had just gifted us 100$ for all the favors we had exchanged in the past.

I drove him home, and continued to another friends house to do a recording.  We were very happy to see eachother and spent a long time laughing and joking.


This was the best normal day of my life.


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