Day 143 – Girl Shorts / Judgement Comfort Sacrifice

Now that summer is upon us and the heat is finally being dialed up, I discovered that the short athletic trunks I wear at the gym have deep enough pockets that I can hold my wallet/keys/phone. For the last several days I’ve been wearing them everywhere.

Now, I don’t feel these shorts are very…short, by any stretch. They are certainly above the knee, unlike the typical “man shorts” that droop half way down the calves with a trunk of heavy, pocketed material. Nor are my shorts as short as the denim bikini bottoms and bright teal booty shorts I see sauntering by on hot weekdays. However this has not stopped public opinion by my family and coworkers.

My mom calls them “girl shorts”, my coworkers and boss are dumbfounded that anyone would be crazy enough to go out in shorts like this. I have to laugh, although I understand that gender affects judged-perspective, but c’mon! I have a good 5 inches of fabric lower than half the “girl” shorts I’ve seen on actual girls.

“But why do this to yourself?” I hear you exclaim. “Just go with the flow and strap on those gigantic tubes of cloth like all the other men?” The reason? Judgement does not make me as uncomfortable as hot, clingy fabric bunching on my legs does.


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