Day 132 – The Trumping of Daylight Holidays

Wherever your opinion may lie regarding vit D supplements, or the validity of Seasonal Affective Disorder (A family friend of mine has SAD, the acronym is apt) – it accepted by grandmas everywhere that a lack of sunshine is a pretty vexing placebo.  Many people’s emotions sink with the sun, and although I have many night friends, I’m always thirsty for long summer days.

It’s almost surreal to drive or walk around after nine near the solstice; to witness the sun lolling in the sky, an easy five handbredths above the horizon.  It’s an energizing, adventurous feeling compared to the polar opposite of midwinter sunsets at 4:15 behind a slushy commuter windshield.

The solar-derived holiday is dead, tragically resigned to hippy quips and new age bookstores.  Rarely do the people around me even know when the sun will rise or set that day, or how much “day” we are actually getting.  Holidays that centre around the peaks and valleys of the solar cycle deserve our recognition, even our respect.


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