Day 130

Today, while at work, I blew out the crotch on my work pants.

I was picking up a heavy tower of black bins from waist height, and needed to lower them onto the floor.  As I bent down I felt the seams of my clothing and belt restrict the movements of my hips, forcing me into a ken-doll posture bending at the waist.  Rather than let this happen, I squatted down with a straight back, forced by knees out and lowered my hips, causing the cloth to stretch and explode in a huge tear along my rear end.

This is the third pair of work pants I have destroyed in the exact same manner, but today it made me think.  I have given no compromises to my clothing in the context of restricting body movements.  In every case, I make the decision to force the clothing to move while I keep proper form, and put stress on the delicate stitching, rather than stress on my lower back. I’m happy for this, because I will now have bought 4 pairs of pants.  I have yet to require the purchase of new back muscles.


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