Day 124

I’ve always harbored animosity towards modern shaving equipment.  Neon toys rife with planned obsolescence designed to extract the money out of shaving-age men (that being most of their lives)

A few months ago I ordered a safety razor online, and I’m having huge success with it.  There is something artisanal about the simple, heavy, screw-together apparatus which takes single, flat blades.  However, I was still tied to the vapid commercialized shave industry by means of shave foam.  Soap is usually too sticky and it was much easier to bust out a can of EDGE EXTREME MAXIMUM or some such collection of radical manly buzzword squirt-foam.

That is, until this morning.

I tried shaving with olive oil.  This may turn out to be a huge waste of money (depending on how economical I can be), but for the first time in a decade I properly shaved without a single dollar towards shaves-R-us.

On the downside, my neck smells like a salad.


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