Day 122

Today my ego was pricked, and that’s a good thing.

I was walking back from the gym and I overheard two young men conversing in Arabic.  I was walking away and I knew If I didn’t engage them I would be losing a valuable experience in talking with native Arabic speakers.

My conversation was cringeworthy.  Basically stumbling through bad grammar getting bizarre looks from the two men, and me slinking off.  They said something friendly as I was walking away but I didn’t hear them and just gave them a thumbs up.

I’ve been slacking off on my language learning, and I just got stung by it.  If I had been practicing assiduously, I might have asked them where they were from, how they were doing (In Arabic).  But since I’ve been letting digital dust accumulate on my language tapes, I’m slipping on basic grammar.


Time to buckle down, kiddies.


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