Day 121 – Nothingness as the Peripheral Terminus

This will probably be how I teach my children about death.

Nothingness is not a dark room.  The absence of consciousness as we experience it (whatever that means) is not the equivalent to being locked up in a dark box with your worries.

Nothingness is not darkness, nor is it light.

Consider your visual peripheral termination point.  The very edge of your vision.  Try to slide your hand to the very edge of your cone of sight.  What happens to your hand?  Does it disappear into an inky void?  There is no “absence of hand” in that visual space.  No hole where it was.  It does not disappear into anything.  

There is no darkness at the edge of your vision.  Your cone of sight is not ringed by perpetual night stretching around the back of your head.  Upon dying, I am convinced you will not be in a “hole” where your senses used to be.  This is the extent to which I have thought about this thing.


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