Day 119 – Writing Longhand

This really threw me for a turn.  I was reading today and this modern author said he wrote the book I am currently reading, in long hand.  This means he wrote nearly the entire book with a pen.  On paper.

This totally blew me away.  I mean, this runs totally contrary to what we were taught in school, right?  Typing is oodles faster than writing with a pen.  It’s more efficient.

But is good writing really about efficiency and speed?

I began to think about the times I was actually required to write longhand; some of the most meaningful things I ever wrote came from a pen.  My university entrance exam, my teaching interview essay (written on-the-spot, with a 15 minute time limit), Several poems and journal entries illustrating benchmarks in my life.  It occurred to me that perhaps I wasn’t giving longhand it’s due.  Perhaps it is more than just a private fetish for calligraphers and snail-mail letter writers.  Perhaps I’ll try writing something longer with a pen and paper.


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