Day 101

Today I did something entirely different in the gym.  I hit the punching bag.  The thing has been there for 6 months and every day I went by it and wanted to give it a shot, but I was always stopped by, to put it quite frankly, my fear of embarrassment and negative imagination.

I went downstairs and there it was.  The gym was nearly empty.  I hopped up there and started to punch it with zero training or even a basic understanding of how to throw a punch outside of what I’ve been taught by my uncle.

It was a struggle to get into the rhythm, I decided to to 5 sets of 10 punches on either hand.  By the end of it I didn’t want to leave!  I was throwing out goofy combos and doing gut shots.  It felt great!

I think it’s appropriate that, given my enthusiasm for physical training stuff, I should learn to throw a punch.  I’m integrating heavy bag training into my cardio.


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