Day 76 – Grit / The Healing Power of Sleep

So the past two days encompassed what may be the most tremendous exertion of willpower I have ever performed.  For two days in a row, I pulled shifts downtown in a physical state where I could barely stand.  This particular job required both heavy lifting, and interpersonal skills with a variety of executive business types.  I had to remain strong, and jovial.  Quick whited and dexterous.

It was tough, and it took all I had.

My breaths came in choppy sighs.  My hands were clenching into fists spastically behind my back.  It felt like my eyes were darting in two different directions, chameleon like.  To the patrons I felt “fine, fantastic, energized.”  But, I was honest with my cohorts in saying I felt like I had been poisoned.

As I crawled into bed on the second night, I remembered a passage from Jill Bolte Tyler’s Book ‘My Stroke of Insight’, in which the neuroanatomist author describes what It felt like to be stricken with, and recover from, a massive hemisphere wide brain hemmorage. She spoke about “deeply respecting sleep” and how she could literally only function for about 4-5 hours a day before going back to bed to sleep upwards of 16 hours.

I just woke up and I have slept 12 hours.  And, honestly I feel tremendous!  


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