Day 72 – You don’t have to buy deep breathing.

This thought popped into my head this morning as I was leaving for work and saw an advertisement for a q-ray “wellness bracelet”:

With the plethora of emotional regulatory goo-gaws, pills, and programs available to part you with your money, deep breathing remains the most effective and immediate avenue towards psychic homeostasis.  Even amidst medical emergency, high stress scenarios, or breakdowns, people are always brought towards attention to the breath.

This is not a mere lifesaver for crushing anxiety, but the currently dethroned natural state of what should be a healthy breathing cycle. Whether it was bred out of us or conditioned I can’t tell, but a mere glance as a newborn’s chest rising and falling should be indicator enough that most (if not all!) of us are breathing in short, shallow gasps, a laughable mockery of the function of the lungs.

It costs no money.  The only thing you have to pay is attention.



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