Day 70 – Cautiously to Tread on Stone

Moving towards the heart of a Graveyard.  The obelisks of myriad faiths are seen –

Cries of ‘remember!’ etched in every tongue.

‘True peace,’ thought he, to be swallowed back; received amidst forgiving earth.

Beyond the grief and agony of human threads –

drawn tight, snapped between the coffin’s seal.


Still further – a weight of history implored.

Unswept leaves gather, till all recognition was lost.  Chislestrokes unmade by a million tiny gusts.

No longer symbols, etchings – mere scratches now in Nature’s stone.  No longer matching the Heart’s flame which carved them.

Beneath his feet – He could not help but trample now, to tread on memorial rock.  Cautiously to tread on stone.

“Here I am.”  Thought he.  “Here lies the goal.”


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