Day 68

I was rereading some of my old excerpts from books I had read, and came across one that really informed how I wanted to spend my day.  It was a book by J.G. Bennett called Deeper Man.

“By learning about the control of energies we can do things that are very difficult to do just by wanting to do them, or ‘trying’ to do them, or by feeling that we ‘ought’ to do them.  Self-control by attempting to change and regulate behavior is very much more cumbersome and ineffective.  For example, if we find in ourselves some negative form of behavior, some anger or distress that is serving for nothing, then the thing to realize is how to cut off the supply of energy that is keeping it going.  Inhibition in the world of function only serves to produce the now very famous ‘repression’ with all sorts of unwished for consequences.  Or we may with to perform a certain task which requires us to be in a particular state.  We have to learn to generate the energy that that state needs; otherwise, we have to wait about until it ‘happens.’” 


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