Day 59

Here are 5 things I always keep in the front seat of my car, for various reason.

1) Money

I keep about 50 dollars cash in a hidden compartment near my front seat.  Emergencies often come with sudden, unseen expenses, and being caught off guard in a place that doesn’t accept any form of plastic can be a slow nightmare.  Having cash on you never hurts, but keeping cash in the car gives me peace of mind that I will always have some financial fail safe even if I’m not carrying it in my wallet.

2) Airline Vomit bags

This came to me while I was driving alone at night.  Being nauseous in a car is a commonality, especially if you have kids (or are a kid!)  I’ve experienced and have bared witness to truly disgusting automobile ordeals resulting in vomit being stored in a:  Grocery bag, cardboard Big Mac container, hockey equipment rucksack, and plastic bin of lego.  Having a couple of airline-quality sick bags can be a saving grace that is both a protector of pride, and upholstery.

3) Sunscreen

We use it on the beach, jogging, but rarely where it matters.  Sunburn on your driving arm can ruin road trips and destroy an otherwise leisurely ride.  Having sunscreen in your glove box (and, equally important, remembering to use it!) can mean the difference between enjoying the summer wind and raising a healthy family of wrist blisters.

4) Compass

Of course we live in a time were every living human is practically stewing in a bubbling froth of ‘smart’ technology.  However, consider this lowly opinion that the ordinary compass has no: load times, battery life, network failure, and you don’t have to keep touching it to keep the screen bright.  I am in no way saying this is superior to a digitized GPS or navigator, but in a pinch, sometimes it pays to have a gizmo you simply look at to know if you are going north or not.

5) Water

I am a huge stickler for keeping tons of fresh water in my car.  I almost always have a full flat, if not two, in my trunk at all times.  That said, nearly every nook and cranny of my front seat contains sealed bottles of drinking water.  Driving can be exhausting, so can traffic, but nothing beats the rage and desperation of bumper-to-bumper traffic jams when you are desperately thirsty.  Additionally, fresh water can be used to clean wounds, polish side view mirrors, and ease jangled nerves after a (hopefully non-existent) traumatic traffic event.  


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