Day 57 – On Venting

I’ve never really gotten the idea of ‘venting.’  I’ve heard a lot of people extol the virtues of griping and bemoaning your situation to your coworkers, family and friends, but honestly it never made me feel any better.  Sometimes I’ve actually felt worse as revisiting a negative scenario just rekindled all the emotions associated with it over again.

I’ve been told you need to get things off your chest by talking to another person, but sometimes it seems like you ‘infect’ another person with your terrible mood, and then a group of people can mutually get “high off their own indignation.”  I recall a time where I had a chance during a group venting session over a superior at work, to give a highly negative anecdote which illustrated his faults.  I chose not to, because I knew that if I ‘vented’ that memory onto everyone else, it would do nothing but make everyone more pissed off towards that person, and at the same time make me relive the whole ordeal again.

Whenever I’ve been knotted up inside I usually turn my focus inward and turn my attention to my emotions.  I’m sure this sounds flaky, and perhaps this is just another form of venting, but just bitching to other people without an earnest desire for insight or healing just serves to deepen negative feelings towards people and situations, and makes your worldview a little bit darker.  I remember once being very stressed out while volunteering at an elementary school and tutoring in the same day, multiple times a week.  I helped myself by literally opening up a Word document and writing my feelings down as they flowed out of me.  By the end I had about three full pages of notes, which I read out loud to myself, and began to edit and clarity.  At the end of the night I had basically written an essay to my own mind, and was capable of making the next steps as to how to change my situations.



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