Day 53

The most likely time you are to be in a car accident as a driver is 5 minutes before you arrive at your destination.

The majority of all driver-initiated crashes occur when they are within a few kilometers from home.

This information has benefited me greatly, and I hope it benefits you.  Many times I have been nearing the end of a long drive and I can feel myself going into autopilot.  Thinking about what I am going to do when I finally relax, the tasks I have for the next day.

I tell myself “ok…this is the moment when you crash.  It happens right here.  This is how you get into the accident.”

Most of the time I just perk up and continue driving in a more alert state, but sometimes I have been caught “on-guard” in bizarre scenarios which would have otherwise resulted in a crash.

Pedestrians clad in black darting out into a rainslick street.  Violent, un signaled lane hopping.  Or just the car ahead of me screeching to a full-stop to leap out of his idling car and go running back up the street to get his hither flung cellphone.

This small calibration to my attention has easily averted about a dozen potential crashes that were about to unfold right before my eyes.


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