Day 49

There isn’t any sort of philosophical or motivational bent to this, I just feel really proud of what I did tonight.

Coming home from a long shift, after lifting weights in the morning, and a slow train, I came home to find a dirty kitchen staring me in the face.  I knew I had to take a shower alongside packing food for the shift tomorrow.  There also wasn’t enough food for everyone so I had to cook more.

I want to say “something just clicked” or illustrate some kind of dramatic victory, but there wansn’t any.  I just made a sandwich for myself and got to work in the kitchen.

An industrious momentum built up, and before long, in the span of 45 minutes I had: Cleaned the kitchen completely, cooked rice, packed my lunches for the following day, had a shower, packed my work clothes and gym clothes, and did my laundry.  This doesn’t seem like any huge feat, but now instead of loafing around in the internet staring down the barrel of necessary tasks before an early shift tomorrow, everything is completely done!

See you tomorrow.


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